Lost in Geson is a puzzle game with a little bit of ability needed and with a background story full of secrets.  We want to develop a videogame that offers a new experience to players that are searching for new challenges.


We are just excited to talk about our World, our Story and basically all the progress we have worked in these days.


The story takes place in a fiction solar system called Elyra System. The sun Aeris is the governor of human destiny because it is a star in its final stage of life. Because of this, humans leave Geson (their natal planet) and escape to Proteo. Aeris melt all the nearest planets and the heat became insufferable for Geson humans, but not yet to the robots.


Geson life depended on robots but not all robots were lucky enough to be transported to Proteo, that’s the case of our main character, Max.

Before humans left Geson Max was the personal robot of PhD. Joseph Peterson, a famous scientist. He was the one who discovered the imminent problem about Aeris and he was recognized for it.


Solar Map


Max is lost in Geson. The only thing he has is the last record of Joseph Peterson. Max is not alone, there are lot of robots abandoned like him. However, there are one bigger than anyone, a builder robot. Is seems that this robot are planning to return with him masters and is building a gorgeous structure that arises from underground and touches the sky.


Sin título


He is announcing that if any robot wants to come back with their masters the only thing they have to do is follow the structure. The story begins here, you’re going to miss it?


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